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Sandy Lane Primary School


Learning for 24/1/23

Hi Y4!

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Write a book review on their favourite book at home.

This can be any non-fiction or fiction book that you have read. Please include:

  • A drawing of the book cover
  • Name and author of the book
  • Basic plot
  • Why would others like to read it?
  • What would you rate it out of 10.


Write a set of instructions for how you would train your own dragon.

Think back to the features that the dragon that you designed has, or use one of the dragons from the story for inspiration.

Include expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.

Remember to talk about how you could train them to use all their different abilities (e.g. fire breathing) to help the Vikings.

Please write at least 5 instructions, beginning from how you catch it.

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Please remember that you can also login to TTrockstars and Sumdog to do your maths home learning too!