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Sandy Lane Primary School


At Sandy Lane we value giving children the chance to be an integral part of leading and improving the school.

Pupils in Year 6 are invited to write and present a speech indicating why they would be good candidates for our Headship team (Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl).  They are then voted for by their peers which also introduces the concept of democracy and elections.  Unsuccessful, shortlisted candidates are invited to become Prefects.  The children carry out a range of roles and responsibilities across our school- jobs, tours and supporting younger children, to list a few of many roles that the children do as leaders of our school.

Each class carries out a similar process in order to vote in School Council members. These meet regularly with nominated member of staff and discuss issues pertaining to school and possible improvements. They represent the school externally on visits such as a recent opening of a local care home.

2021-22 will see our House system re-introduced and Year 5 children will be able to propose themselves for House Captain roles.

We are currently in the process of electing Pupil Leadership Teams


  • Head Girl - 
  • Head Boy - 
  • Deputy Head Girl - 
  • Deputy Head Boy -   



Welcome to the Head Student team page.

We are the Pupil Leadership Team of Sandy Lane.  This means that we support the Headteacher, deputy head and all the excellent teachers of Sandy Lane to make our school even better than it already is. We are driven to be the best head student team we can possibly be!

Sandy Lane is a fantastic school because our teachers are: lovely, intelligent, talented, caring, knowledgeable and all round phenomenal human beings!  The students of Sandy Lane follow the PRIDE VALUES.






We follow these values because it makes our school and ourselves, better people and supports us in excelling in our learning. 

We run lots of different projects and events every year such as:


Sports teams compete in inter-school competitions in football, athletics, tag rugby, tennis, netball, curling, swimming.


Talented artists from years 4, 5 and 6 created a wall mural in our school and worked alongside Niall ….. to create this. Look at the picture below!!


Choir have performed in local events within Bracknell as well as bigger events at the O2 and at the Royal Albert Hall.  You can hear some clips on our CLUBS page - click here


We go on many school trips including:

Cinema trips, farm trips, residential, museums trips, library trips, pantomime, Windsor Castle, RAF Hendon, The Look out, swimming lessons, Butser farm. 

We are an inclusive school as we have 39 different languages spoken! As well as being inclusive we are respectful of other people’s opinions and beliefs. We are also very positive in every aspect in school.