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Sandy Lane Primary School

Home Learning


At Sandy Lane Primary School we pursue our vision of ‘Everyone equipped to Excel’.
This is made effective by our commitment to working in partnership with parents. This policy will form part of the home/school partnership.

The undertaking of regular Home Learning tasks is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Home Learning consolidates and extends knowledge and skills;
  • Home Learning helps children to develop the skills of independent learning; encouraging self discipline and motivation and personal organisation;
  • Home Learning informs Parent/Carers and enables them to have direct involvement in their children’s learning;
  • Home Learning increases Parent/Carers’ understanding of the content and level of their children’s work;
  • Home Learning helps prepare older children for secondary transfer;
  • Home Learning informs teacher of children’s progress when applying learning to other tasks.

Our most recent Parent Survey informed us that many parents feel that homework is an
essential part of school life, that it can help prepare children for high school and lifelong learning.
Conversely, the survey also informed us that many parents feel that homework is an unwanted
pressure; that children should be able to unwind; that many children have other extra-curricular
activities of more importance and that homework can cause unnecessary extra work for the
whole family.

At Sandy Lane Primary School, we aim to strike the right balance. As such it is
important that our expectations in terms of frequency and amount set are reasonable and
realistic and do not negatively impact on children’s well-being and home life.
This policy, therefore, sets a sensible amount of work to be completed. It covers all
years from Reception to Year 6. It should be noted that the guidelines given in Appendix
1 of our Home Learning Policy below are general and there may be variations at different times of the year, as teachers match
the Home Learning to the needs of their class, and of individuals.

Our Home Learning policy is here (updated January 2018):-