We develop ambitious and aspirational learners, who fulfil their academic and personal potential and take pride in their achievements. We are completely committed to providing our children with a curriculum that inspires and motivates them.

All pupils will secure firm foundations in English and Mathematics and this underpins a growing excellence in other subjects. Our knowledge-based curriculum offers a broad range of subjects from Early Years through to Key Stage 2 (KS2). We believe in bringing learning to life, both indoors and out, with an emphasis on engaging, purposeful & challenging learning.

Sandy Lane Primary aims to provide a curriculum that is engaging, inspiring, motivating balanced and relevant. While emphasis is placed on children learning core skills of English and Maths, we place great value on developing the ‘whole child’ and provide an engaging programme of study in all curriculum areas.

SANDY LANE CURRICULUM STATEMENT: Sandy Lane Primary Curriculum Statement.pdf

Note - there may be some adjustments to the information below as teachers assess any possible learning gaps due to lockdown. Subject leaders have been involved in ensuring key building blocks to ensure progression of knowledge, that may have been missed, are in place and covered.



Our curriculum below sets out the units studied per subject per year group (Subject Overview). These subjects are, where appropriate, combined into Themes (Thematic Overview). Some subjects may not fit into Themes so will be taught as discrete subjects.


Curriculum Overview - Year N.pdf

Curriculum Overview - Year R.pptx

Curriculum overview - Year 1 2022-2023.docx

Curriculum overview - Year 2 2022-2023.docx 

Curriculum overview - Year 3.pdf

Curriculum overview - Year 4.pdf

Curriculum overview - Year 5.docx

Curriculum overview - Year 6.docx



Thematic Overview -Year 1 2022-2023.docx

Thematic Overview - Year 2.docx.pdf

Thematic Overview - Year 3.docx.pdf

Thematic Overview - Year 4 NEW.docx

Thematic Overview - Year 5 2022 - 2023.docx

 Thematic Overview - Year 6 2022 - 2023 (002).pdf


Foxes Class are our Special Resource Provision (SRP) Class. Many children access their own year group's curriculum at different times throughout the week but also have Foxes Class 'rolling' curriculum planned over a 3 year cycle.

Thematic Overview Foxes Year A.pdf

Thematic Overview Foxes Year B.pdf

Thematic Overview Foxes Year C.pdf




The links below give more detail of the Maths curriculum being followed in each year group during 2022-2023. Our curriculum statement (above) gives more detail on further fluency sessions, use of mymaths and Times Tables Rockstars.


Maths Curriculum - Year 1 Overview.pdf

Maths Curriculum - Year 2 Overview.pdf

Year 3 Maths Overview

Year 4 Maths Overview

Year 5 Maths Overview

Year 6 Maths Overview


MATHS vocabulary sheets - please find below links to sheets which explain the vocabulary you and your children may come across in Maths sessions/work (with thanks to Grace Mary Primary school):

EYFS Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf

Y1 Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf

Y2 Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf

Y3 Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf

Y4 Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf

Y5 Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf

Y6 Mathematics vocabulary list.pdf



We use Unlocking Letters and Sounds which was validated by the DfE in December 2021. We begin teaching phonics in the first few weeks of term 1 in Reception and children make rapid progress in their reading journey. Children begin to learn the main sounds heard in the English Language and how they can be represented, as well as learning ‘Common Exception’ words for Phases 2, 3 and 4. They use these sounds to read and write simple words, captions and sentences. Children leave Reception being able to apply the phonemes taught within Phase 2, 3 and 4.

In Year 1 through Phase 5a, b and c, they learn any alternative spellings and pronunciations for the graphemes and additional Common Exception Words. By the end of Year 1 children will have mastered using phonics to decode and blend when reading and segment when spelling. In Year 1 all children are screened using the national Phonics Screening Check. In Year 2, phonics continues to be revisited to ensure mastery of the phonetic code and any child who does not meet age related expectations will continue to receive support to close identified gaps.

Please visit:

Phonics | Unlocking Letters and Sounds | United Kingdom



At Sandy Lane Primary School we promote a 'phonics first' approach and in both our guided reading sessions at school and in the books children take home, texts are very closely matched to a child's current phonics knowledge so that every child can experience real success in their reading.


In these crucial early stages of reading we primarily use books from Ransom Reading Stars Phonics, to ensure complete fidelity to the Unlocking Letters and Sounds progression we follow. Once children progress beyond decodable texts, they move onto our book scheme so that they can continue to progress in their decoding, fluency and comprehension skills to become avid, expert readers.



We run a range of extra curricular events which serve to add enrichment, cultural capital and further celebration to our curriculum provision. If you have any other ideas of things you’d like celebrated or opportunities that you (or someone you know) can offer our children please speak to any of us.


We openly encourage parental involvement in their child’s learning and the life of our school. If you have any talents you can offer please do see any of us in school. These could be: cooking, baking, crafts, technology (e.g. DJing, computer skills, animation), martial arts or fitness, traditional dancing, to name a few! We’d be grateful for even an hour of your time to pop in and work with our teachers and children.

We run a volunteer programme for parents, friends & family who can offer any amount of time to help out in school including listening to readers. Please do inform your child's class teacher, school office or Miss Morrissy and we'd be delighted to get you involved.

We also hold regular celebration events for parents and invite parents in for workshops and to see their child learn in class.



WELCOME to Sandy Lane 2022! Where Everyone is Equipped to Excel! We are an Ofsted rated GOOD school! Sandy Lane Primary School is now part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. PLEASE VISIT OUR RECEPTION ADMISSIONS PAGE REGARDING ADMISSIONS CONSULTATION FOR 2024/25