Here is our Equality Duty.pdf statement

Here is our Accessibility Plan/Policy

 Here is our Equality Information and Objectives Policy 9.20.pdf


How does Sandy Lane comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty?


The school has a range of policies which make explicit the school’s long established commitment to actively promoting equality of opportunity for all. The main policies that deal with equality of opportunity are: 

  • British Values 
  • Accessibility plan
  • Equality Information & Objectives policy 
  • SEND policy & Information Report
  • Behaviour and anti-bullying policy 
  • RSE Policy


Our Equality Objectives:


Objective 1: Undertake an analysis of curriculum offer across the school with regard to equality, inclusion and diversity


Objective 2: Develop system of CPD to enhance staff and governors understanding of EID ensuring awareness and fairness of opportunity for all


Objective 3: School communications will be effective for all groups and tailored in circumstances to enable all groups to access pertinent information

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