School on 01344 423896,  or


Update 15th September

Covid - face coverings

Dear all,

Thank you for adhering to our timings and one-way systems for drop off and collection - please continue to do this.

Given the current numbers of Covid cases and transmission rates across the country, we are now strongly recommending that parents wear masks, if you are able to, at all times whilst on school site. You should still stay socially distant from others but we recommend wearing of masks/face coverings for parents in addition to this as an extra precaution for everyone's continued safety whilst on school site.

many thanks

Update 7th September

Covid symptoms and staying home


Dear all

Many thanks to you all for your help with our safety measures and processes so far (keep social distancing!) - I would also like to inform you that the children have been brilliant in adapting and have settled back in to school swiftly!

I know there has been a lot of different guidance and there may be some confusion as to when your child should stay at home or not.  I believe it helpful if we try and give some scenarios which you may come across to help you know what to do about attendance:

1 - If your child has/develops a high temperature, new continuous cough or loss/change in sense of taste or smell, your child, all siblings and household members MUST stay home.  The child with symptoms must self-isolate for 10 days and all others for 14 days.  They CANNOT return to school (even if symptoms stop) within the 10/14 days UNLESS they are tested and receive a negative test. If child has a negative test, they (and siblings) can then return to school if they feel well enough.

2 – if your child is sent home due to developing high temperature, new continuous cough or loss/change in sense of taste or smell, they must isolate for 10 days, siblings and adults for 14 days and can only return sooner than that if the child with symptoms has had a negative test result.  If your child is sent home then siblings will be sent home at the same time.

Example 1 - my child had new cough couple of days ago so is kept home. After 2 days, the cough disappears, there are no other symptoms and child generally feels well. Can my child return to school? NO - they must still complete the 10 day isolation (adults and siblings 14 days) UNLESS they have received a negative test.

Example 2 - I think my child has a cold, feels unwell and has a high temperature, what should I do? High temperature is a Covid symptom so child must stay at home and isolate for 10 days; siblings and adults for 14 days.  You should engage with testing system and, if negative, child can return to school (as long as feels well enough)

Example 3 - I think my child has a cold, should I keep them home?  If they don't have any of the Covid symptoms then your child does not need a test or to self isolate. You may still keep them home as they are too unwell to be in school and don't want to possibly spread a cold.  Siblings, if well, can attend school.


We realise there may be different scenarios that arise - we ask that if unsure you contact us and we can advise on what you need to do.  We also realise that needing to look after isolating children and adults having to isolate themselves may also cause difficulties BUT we expect all to adhere to the guidance in order to ensure everyone's safety as much as possible.  If any child (or adult!) is kept home or sent home due to Covid symptoms, they must begin self-isolation and should arrange to have a test - they cannot return until the isolation period is complete or they receive a negative test result.

We request that you inform us of any negative/positive test results.

Should you have any questions, please do contact us.

many thanks

Mr D


Update 1st September

Please find information on re-opening below:

Risk Assessment for Schools September Fully Reopening Covid-19.docx.pdf

Autumn Opening Update for Parents & Children.pdf

Extension of self-isolation period to 10 days

The self-isolation period for people that have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or that have received a positive test result has increased from 7 to 10 days.  Testing is available to anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, whatever their age. Tests are free and can be requested through a single portal on GOV.​UK

Quarantine after Overseas Travel

The government is advising against all non-essential travel to certain countries based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.  People returning from those countries to the UK are required to self-isolate for 14 days.  If you travel overseas after 18 August, it is essential you check to find out whether you are required to self-isolate.  If you are, your child MUST stay away from school for 14 days from the first day of your return to the UK (even if they get tested and test is negative)

Update 5th July

Dear all


I hope you are all well and staying safe (and sane!) in these continuing times.


I wanted to update you on a few areas:


1 – School wider opening

As of Monday we will have admitted Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 6, Children of Key workers and vulnerable children within government guidelines, and staff/space constraints.  We are pleased this will enable nearly 200 of our children to be attending from Monday.  It does mean we are at pretty much capacity now though so, sadly, it is highly, if not completely, unlikely that we will be admitting anyone else from any other year groups. Much as I know this may cause concern and upset, for children, parents & staff, it is the situation we find ourselves in and we can only look forward to having you all back as soon as is possible.


2 – New classes

We are in process of allocating staff and children to our class plans for September. All classes/children will move up to their new year group but we are keeping children with the classmates they are currently with and any individual changes are being discussed with yourselves first. We feel, given the last few months, swapping children around between classes would be another change that they do not necessarily need.  Once plans are finalised, we will contact you with information about your child’s class, teacher and other relevant information. There will not be any physical transition this term to new classes but we are looking at things we could do.


3 – Summer

By the end of this term, many children, parents and all staff would have worked 22 weeks without break – 17 of which have been in lockdown. That is a long stretch in a very unusual, difficult times.  It is our current understanding that school will not be open over the Summer break.  Staff and children need that break in order to be ready for September.  We are liaising with Playstation to see if they will be open but, given current restrictions, this too may not be available.  The government has made some announcements about providing summer care for parents but we await further detail and guidance on this. We are also working with the local authority to establish what may be available.  Once we have more information, we shall update you.


4 – Catch-up

A LOT has been said recently about children having massive gaps and needing intense catch-up with most recent announcement of a £1bn fund from government to support tutoring and interventions.  This is a good headline – and we’ll always welcome more money – but there’s little to no detail behind it yet as to who receives what and how it will work.  The devil will be in the detail and we await this.

What I do want to say about ‘gaps’ and ‘catch-up’ is this – as a school we are fully committed to ensuring children achieve all they can and a part of this is academic (test!) success, which we have proved we are successful at in recent years.  But we also believe that education and a child’s learning is much more than that.  No one would have wanted children to miss out on being in class for 3 months, and there will be aspects to learn – for all children. BUT we also know that our children have been doing lots at home – not just maths, literacy and subject based but lots of valuable things like playing an instrument, cooking, spending time talking with family, making things, exercising, art, problem solving – and I don’t think we can really say that a child is ‘behind’ just because they have done all of these and missed some fronted adverbials and fractions!!  That’s not to say we aren’t desperate to have them back – we are! We want our school back to the way it was and we have been delighted to find that those who have come back have settled well, returning to the comfort of routines quickly and we know that will be the same when we have all of the children back.  We will ensure that when they return they will have the chance to talk and socialise, build confidence, get used to routines and expectations again, and we will assess (that doesn’t mean just test!) where all children are ‘at’ and give them what they need to ‘catch up’ and go on to achieve all they are capable of. That’s what we do – that’s what our amazing staff always do every day, every week, every term.  It may take a little time – but that’s ok; I know you may have anxieties about your child being behind – but don’t; they may not have done everything they normally would’ve – but they may also have done more of other things they normally wouldn’t have – and we will ensure they go on to achieve all they possible can.


A continued thanks to all of you for the support you have given us through this time and your patience. We thank you for your continued understanding even though we know we all have frustrations of not all children being back.  We also know how hard it is combining home learning with your own work and daily lives.


Thank you

Take Care

Update 5th June

Dear All

Please find attached this week's newsletter and Home Learning projects.

Further information about Home Learning is within the Newsletter and supplementary work is on our website class closure pages:

Those signed up for Zoom calls should shortly be receiving invites for these calls. Please remember instructions for use and if you're unsure email MLT. NOTE - if your child is in school or attends a Zoom call, then you will not receive a phone call that week. Should you need to communicate with teachers, please use the MLT email addresses on newsletter.

Many thanks

Have a great weekend

Take care & Stay Safe

Wider Opening for 8th June update

Dear Parent,

As communicated previously, we indicated that 8th June would be the earliest we would be able to start welcoming back further year groups as per government guidance. I make no apology for ensuring we do this as cautiously and safely as possible. At all times we need to look at a wide variety of factors including current Covid level (which still remains at 'High'), social distancing guidance, staff availability and how effectively the previous phase has worked. To ensure we do this, we shall be starting to welcome back year groups on a phased return.


Pre-booked Nursery and Reception children may return on Monday 8th June. Please be aware that this provision is in place for Monday to Thursday all day and Friday morning. Your child will need to be collected at 12pm every Friday.


ONLY those children who have been previously signed up as returning will be able to attend on 8th June. If you have changed your mind since the previous sign up, please contact school office on 01344423896 or email – however, if you have not said your child is returning previously then their start date may be delayed.

Attendance is still at the discretion of the parent and we shall fully support the decisions you make in these uncertain times.

Your child will be returning to an environment that is unlike the one they left and there are strict rules that you and they will need to be aware of. You shall receive a letter detailing our guidelines and expectations, start times, other information and confirming your place later this week – please do not attend if you have not had this confirmation.


If it is safe and viable to do so, we hope to then begin to admit Y1 from 15th June, at the earliest, and Year 6 after that – we shall update you further next week.

We will continually monitor the situation and shall inform you if any of this changes.

Thank you for your support and patience.


As always, should you have any questions, please do email


Take care & stay safe

Mr. D

Home Learning w/c 1st June

Dear all

We hope you are soaking up every last ounce this half term week and continue to do so over the weekend.

Phone calls home will resume from Monday June 1st.

We are discussing how and when Zoom calls may start - we will update you with details as soon as we can.

Next week's Home Learning is all on the class closure pages of the website (newest documents are at the top of each class closure page):

The project sheets are attached to this parentmail BUT there are lots more activities on the website pages.

Year 6 - please take a look at the page and Mrs. Bekker's video as there is information and ideas for transition to Year 7 to help you.

Take care all.

Stay Safe

Wider opening update - 29th May

Dear Parent,

I’m sure you are aware of the government update on 28th May affirming their intention for schools to open wider to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from June 1st.

I want to clarify that our stance previously communicated has not changed – we will open on June 1st ONLY to PREBOOKED Key worker children.  They will have received a letter confirming their place – if you have not received a letter please DO NOT attend school.

As stated, we intend to open wider from 8th June at the earliest but this will be a phased return so not all year groups will return at the same time. Again, it will only be open to pre-booked children and you will receive a confirmation letter.

If you have not booked via the forms sent out previously, you will need to contact the school but the start date for your child may be delayed.

I will be taking many different factors into account as to who may return on and after 8th June - at the forefront of all decisions will be ensuring, as much as possible, the safety of children and adults, and checking current systems are working effectively especially as the Covid Level is still 'High' where transmission is high or rising exponentially.

Another factor which I will have to take account of is the availability of staff.  Many of our staff are currently shielding or within other vulnerable groups and, as such, will, rightly, be unable to be on school site.  I feel it pertinent to inform you that I myself am in this category and as such will not be on school site from June 1st. I shall still very much be in daily contact, involved in strategic decisions, information sharing and communications but Miss Morrissy will be the person in charge on site and I have absolutely no doubt she will, as always, do a brilliant job supported by my fantastic staff.


We shall update you next week on who will be able to return possibly from 8th June and future dates.


As always, thank you for your support and patience.

If you do have any questions please do email

Take care & Stay Safe

Wider opening update - PLEASE READ! 22nd May

Dear Parent,


Since writing to you last, and after careful consideration of some additional factors,  I have decided to delay the wider opening of school to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 until 8th June at the earliest. This will us give time to ensure all safety measures and procedures are in place, and that I, and governors, are confident that we can reassure the school community that the school is safe to reopen on a wider scale.  As I’m sure you are aware 1st June was always the date for opening at the earliest dependent upon whether schools judged it safe to re-open to more children and at the moment I do not feel it is.


Among the additional factors I have had to consider are:


  • Government statement which is planned for 28th May – this is when we expect the government to determine whether their  own 5 tests in relation to Covid 19 have been met and whether they will stick with plans to re-open, not re-open or set different guidance in place.  This date leaves too limited time for school to react, for parents to change plans if they were expecting their children to come in and for children to adjust to the news.


  • Key workers’ children – our planning now indicates a large increase in the number of Key worker children which impacts spaces available within the school.


  • Ongoing risk assessment - we still have many unanswered questions and are looking at daily changes of information pertaining to the safety of our children.


  • Availability of staff – due to shielding guidance and other factors, we will not have all staff available.


This has been a difficult decision to make as I know we all want our children back in school as soon as possible. BUT underpinning all my decisions is the safety of all the children and staff within the school environment   I know there will be a lot of different views across the school community and this delay may be a disappointment to yourselves and your children but I make it with the very best of intentions.


Once we have more information on 28th May, I shall be meeting with my leadership team, staff and governors to ascertain the next steps from there and will communicate them to you as quickly as possible.  Again, I must re-iterate we will open from 8th June at the earliest IF it is safe to do so and even then, this opening may not involve all year groups so please set children’s expectations accordingly.

Key worker children are able to attend from June 1st BUT ONLY if they have received confirmation of this from school. Anyone without confirmation will not be able to attend.

PLEASE DO NOT phone the school over Half Term as the lines will be unmanned.  You may contact using email below.

Home learning and phone calls home shall continue for the week beginning June 1st.

As always, should you have any questions please do contact me on

Thank you for your continued support and patience.


Take care and stay safe


UPDATE 15th May

Please be aware that places may be limited from June 1st onwards. They will be allocated in the following order of preference:

Key workers, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  Once spaces are full, no more children will be admitted. If spaces fill as a partial year group then NONE of that year group will attend.  For example, if we run out of spaces half way through allocating Year 6 then none of Year 6 will be able to attend.

UPDATE 14th May

The initial survey for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 parents about attending on June 1st has now closed. Thank you for your responses.  Further information including answers to questions will be sent early w/c 18th May.


UPDATE 13th May

A parentmail form has been sent to all parents for booking children of Keyworkers into school from 25th May onwards. Please fill in if you think you will need a space BUT please check the criteria to ensure you are eligible. 

UPDATE 12th May

Dear all,

 Last night the government issued guidance for parents and carers with regard to the possible opening of schools for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 on 1st June. I would strongly urge you to read the guidance. This guidance can be found below.

The government also issued guidance for schools which we will now use to make detailed plans for the re-opening of Sandy Lane to more pupils providing it is safe to do so. We will communicate these to you as soon as possible. In the meantime the guidance is available to everyone via the link below.

After those intended three weeks of these strict measures the government is then planning for the possible return of all year groups for the final four weeks of school. We are waiting for further guidance on this as all the measures needed to be put in place for the initial three weeks will not be possible once all pupils are in school.

We are sending a separate email to Parents and Carers who have children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to gauge the numbers that will return.

I can assure you that the health and safety of the children and staff will be at the heart of any decisions that we make.


As always, please do send any questions you may have to

Take Care & Stay Safe


UPDATE 1st May

YOU may have seen the government announce yesterday (30th April) that they will detail pans for next phase of coming out of lockdown sometime next week - which will include details of next phase for schools.  Once we have more details and information we will contact you with updates as to how this impacts us, you and your children.

Dear all,
HUG, HUG, FIRST OF THE MONTH!! I know should be pinch/punch but I thought we could all do with more hugs currently!!! Well, April has been and gone and I hope the start of May sees you all staying well and safe at home. Next Friday is ‘Bank Holiday’ and is a chance to celebrate VE Day—marking 75 years since the end of World War 2. Celebrations around the country perhaps won’t be quite the same as planned but we’d like to invite you to still take part to remember past (and present) sacrifices being made. We will be tweeting ideas all week (@sandylaneBF) as will Bracknell Forest (@bracknellforest). IF YOU CAN, we invite you to try to make some thing red, white and blue to put on display (perhaps flag, picture, bunting—see for template) We’ve seen the wonderful efforts made with Rainbows for the NHS so please send us pictures of anything you do!
We have updated the website Closure Learning pages with some more activities for you to try—please do feel free to
email any work or picture etc in—this week’s theme is Under the Sea!

AS always, I want to repeat—home learning is NOT the most important thing; your child’s, your and your family’s well-being IS and you must do what fits you and your family best. That may entail more or less home learning than some—it doesn’t matter, do what works for all of you! And when you can—READ!
1—This week’s project, along with any other resources and links, are on the website and attached to this week’s
parentmail. Other home learning is be found on (on CLOSURE

Should you or your child need help with anything, please do speak to the class teacher during their weekly phone
calls AND feel free to email us on address below and we shall do our utmost to help you.

PLEASE DO ANSWER teacher phone calls—aside from us being able to keep in touch and help you where we can,
it is also a necessity to ensure safeguarding of all children. If you miss a call and need a call back at a specific time,
please email the relevant team on addresses below.
Remember—take care, stay home, stay safe.
Best wishes
Mr. D

UPDATE 20th April

'Closure' Update

Dear all,

you have most likely seen or heard stories in the media today and headlines stating 'schools will open in 3 weeks'.  The Department for Education and Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary, have stated again today that 'No decision has been made on a timetable for re-opening schools. Schools remain closed until further notice.  Schools will only re-open when the scientific advice indicates it is the right time to do so.'


I would firstly like to say that thanks to our amazing staff we haven't closed, have remained open over Easter and continue to do so for specific groups of children.  Staff continue to work contacting yourselves, planning work, revising our curriculum, completing training as well as ensuring they are safe and completing their own home learning!

ANY press headlines and guesses on social media etc is purely speculation.  I would hope that the government and DfE will rightly be planning for a range of eventualities.  Reopening schools may well create greater risk to pupils, staff, parents and the community so I am sure we will receive clear guidance on how schools can minimise this risk.  I want to assure you that once we receive any notification and guidance then we will communicate with you.  We all hope this information and guidance will be given with good time to plan ahead for us all.

I know all of my staff are desperate to be back in school and see you all again - and I'm sure that's true for all schools - equally we will all want to ensure we do it as safely as possible WHEN we are told to.

Up until now, we have not received any information ahead of the daily government briefings so the likelihood is you will hear at the same time as us. Until that point, as much as possible (!), try to ignore hearsay and don't get stressed by any headlines - the fact is, currently, nobody knows when schools will open - and when we do, we shall aim to communicate plans with you as clearly and as quickly as possible.  THE most important thing for you, your children and families at the moment is staying safe!

As always, should you have any questions, please chat to your class teacher when they phone, email Year leaders (details on newsletter & website) or phone school on 01334423896 (be aware this is not always manned so please leave a message) or email myself on

many thanks

Take care, stay home & stay safe

Mr. D

UPDATE 20th April

Home Learning

Dear all

A quick summary of home learning available:

1 - Sandy Lane Learning - Our recent newsletter/parentmail highlighted areas of home learning available.  For the last month, and for the foreseeable future, we have aimed to ensure there is a mix of online and non-internet activities.  All of these, with further activities and links can be found on  on the relevant Year Group Closure tabs.

2 - BBC Bitesize - starting 20th April, you’ll be able to access regular daily lessons in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, in an expanded version of their website.  More information can be found here: and on twitter @bbcbitesize 

3 - Oak National Academy, starting 20th April, have produced video lessons for parents/children to use as they wish. and on twitter @Oaknational 

4 - There are multitude of companies and individuals producing daily lessons/content for lots of subjects - links on our website and we tweet these updates regularly (@sandylaneBF)

There is a LOT now available for parents to access but please don't feel overwhelmed or try and do them all!  As I have always said, all the resources and links we produce and send out are there just to help you and there is no expectation on how much to complete.  Some of you and some of your children may prefer more of a structured timetable, some of you the complete opposite and some of you somewhere in between!! ALL of them are fine - do what fits for you and you child, when it works for you. And, when in doubt, read!!

As always, should you have any questions or concerns please ask your class teacher when they phone, email Year leader (contact details on website and newsletter), or email myself.

The MOST important thing is you do what is needed to ensure you stay safe and as happy as possible during this period.

Best wishes

Take care, stay home & stay safe

Mr D


UPDATE 17th April

Dear all

This week's newsletter (please also see  PLEASE READ it for information on:

- info on further lockdown

- home learning

- information on new BBC Home Learning service

- competitions & challenges

- details of how to contact us during lockdown

 Also attached are w/c 20th April Home Learning Project.  More details and other learning available on our website:

As always, please contact us should you or your child need anything

Take care, stay home and stay safe

Week2LearningProjectY3_4 (1).pdf

Issue 14 17th April.pdf

Home Learning ideas for Nursery children (3).docx

Week2LearningProjctY5_6 (1).pdf




UPDATE 17th April

NEW NURSERY PARENTS - For those of you who whose children were due to start in our Nursery this term and indeed for September, please bear with us. Due to the current health crisis we will be unable to contact you for the foreseeable future. If you have completed a registration form, you will be on our waiting list. If you have applied for a full time place, please ensure that you have applied for funding. Should you already have funding agreed, please ensure that you continue to reconfirm your eligibility.


UPDATE 3rd April

Dear all,

I hope you are all well and staying safe!

Please find attached this week's newsletter which details information on home learning, links to social media and assorted competitions!

I have been fortunate to be able to award my first Virtual Bat Stamp this week - please do send pictures/photos etc to our emails and/or social media - we love seeing what the children are getting up to!

Today actually marks the start of the planned Easter holidays for school. During these extraordinary times, thanks to our amazing staff Sandy Lane remains open for certain children and teachers will continue their phone calls to you and your children. This will be no ordinary holiday but we suggest you treat it as such as much as possible (within lockdown rules!!). However, we know some of you may want to keep a level of routine and to help this we have provided home learning—should you wish to use it! There’s no expectation you have to but it’s there to help should you want it! Part of this are the attached Weekly Learning Projects - further info in newsletter so please read!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and week

Take Care, STAY home, STAY safe!

Best wishes

Mr. D.

PS - IF you have a missed call from a school number, it is a teacher phoning to speak to yourself and your children. PLEASE DO NOT PHONE THE SCHOOL BACK as lines may be unmanned! The teacher will phone you back and/or drop you an email to find best time to speak.






UPDATE 1st April

COVID19 addendum - School safeguarding policy.pdf

UPDATE March 31st

Dear Parent/Carer

There have been a multitude of companies/individuals giving freely of their services and resources online since 'Lockdown' has started. You may choose to supplement our own home learning resources with support from online companies and in some cases individual tutors. If you choose to use any of these it is still vitally important that you check the online support is from a reputable organisation/individual who can provide evidence that they are safe and can be trusted to have access to children. There are also many resources which can support you in keeping your children safe online which includes:

  • Internet matters - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe onlin
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