OFSTED February 2020

Sandy Lane is a GOOD school in all areas

'The school is at the heart of the community and the community is at the heart of the school'

'We come from different places but we're all the same inside'

'PRIDE - we're like a pride of lions. We belong together'

Report can be found here: 10122200 - Sandy Lane Primary School -133619 - Final PDF.pdf



FANTASTIC NEWS - we have been awarded the International School Award for our commitment to extending and embedding internationalism in our curriculum including learning in a global context.



Many thanks to our SLSA and parent donations for raising funds for our new play equipment and markings! Also, MASSIVE thanks to the family, who wish to remain anonymous, for donating 5 new benches for our UKS2 playground - we love them!

New climbing frame New frame 




Spring Term Newsletters

Issue 10 27-03-2023.pdf

Reception 27-03-2023.pdf

Issue 9 20-03-2023.pdf

Issue 8 13-03-2023.pdf

Nursery 13-03-2023.pdf

Reception 13-03-2023.pdf

Issue 7 06-03-2023.pdf

Issue 6 27-02-2023.pdf

Nursery 27-02-2023.pdf

Reception 27-02-2023.pdf

Issue 5 06-02-2023.pdf

Nursery 06-02-2023.pdf

Reception 06-02-2023.pdf

Issue 4 30-01-2023.pdf

Issue 3 23-01-2023.pdf

Reception 23-01-2023.pdf

Issue 2 16-01-2023.pdf

Reception 09-01-2023.pdf

 Issue 1 09-01-2023.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletters

Issue 13 12-12-2022.pdf

Issue 12 05-12-2022.pdf

Nursery 05-12-2022.pdf

Reception 05-12-2022.pdf

Issue 11 28-11-2022.pdf

Issue 10 21-11-2022.pdf

Nursery 21-11-2022.pdf

Reception 21-11-2022.pdf

Issue 9 14-11-2022.pdf

Issue 8 07-11-2022.pdf

Nursery 07-11-2022.pdf

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Issue 7 31-10-2022.pdf

Issue 6 17-10-2022.pdf

Issue 4 03-10-2022

Issue 5 10-10-2022.pdf

Issue 3 26-09-2022.pdf

Nursery Link Letter 26-09-2022.pdf

Reception Link Letter 26-09-2022.pdf

Issue 2 20-09-2022.pdf

Issue 1 12-09-2022.pdf

Nursery Link Letter 12-09-2022.pdf

Reception Link Letter 12-09-2022.pdf



Summer Term Newsletters

Issue 11 18-07-2022.pdf

Nursery 11-07-2022.pdf

Reception 11-07-2022.pdf

Issue 9 27-06-2022.pdf

Issue 8 20-06-2022.pdf

Issue 7 13-06-2022.pdf

Nursery 13-06-2022.pdf

Reception 13-06-2022.pdf

Issue 6 07-06-2022.pdf

Issue 5 23-05-2022.pdf

Issue 4 16-05-2022.pdf

Reception 16-05-2022.pdf

Issue 1 25-04-2022.pdf

Issue 2 03-05-2022.pdf

Nursery 03-05-2022.pdf


Issue 3 09-05-2022.pdf







WELCOME to Sandy Lane 2022! Where Everyone is Equipped to Excel! We are an Ofsted rated GOOD school! Sandy Lane Primary School is now part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. PLEASE VISIT OUR RECEPTION ADMISSIONS PAGE REGARDING ADMISSIONS CONSULTATION FOR 2024/25