Our Governing Body was reconstituted in July 2015.


Here is a list of our Governors, their designation as part of our structure and their term of office on our Governing Body:

Sandy Lane Governing Body 2020-2021 (as at 18/01/2021)

Sandy Lane Governing Body 2019-2020 


 Governing Body Structure

Governing Body Structure 2020-2021 (as at 18.01.21)

Core roles

Co-Chair of Governors: Annekan Priesack and Jenny Sachar

Vice Chair of Governors: Ruth Bovill

Safeguarding Governors: Ruth Bovill and Annekan Priesack 


Register of Interests

Governor Register of Interests Summary - 2020-21

Governor Register of Interests Summary - 2019-20


Attendance at meetings

 2019-20 governor meeting attendance

 2018-19 governor meeting attendance 


 Governing Body Vision 2020-2021



If you wish to contact our Co-Chair of Governors, Miss Priesack or Mrs Sachar, please either email chair@sandylanebracknell.com or leave a letter in a sealed envelope in the care of our Office Team, and we will ensure that this is passed on to them. 

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